Too often, the relationship between a car repair shop and its customers is an adversarial one. We don’t think that should be the case. At Ottohaus of Charleston, we want to develop a friendly and trusting relationship with each and every one of our clients. We think a good relationship leads to better outcomes for all involved. You will be happier with the care your car receives, and you will be motivated to come back to Ottohaus time after time.

A Valuable Asset

Car repair needs are going to pop up from time to time. When they do, it’s important that you have someone in mind that you can trust. For VW, Audi, and BMW repair needs, that someone should be Ottohaus of Charleston. We have all the experience necessary to take care of your maintenance requirements, and we offer competitive prices. There is great value in finding a good auto shop, as you’ll be able to save money over the long run. When the work done on your vehicle is done correctly right from the start, the repair should hold up over the long run – letting you focus on other things in life aside from car repair.

Trust is a Good Feeling

Don’t you hate it when you aren’t sure that you can actually trust what your mechanic is telling you? That isn’t going to be a problem when you visit Ottohaus of Charleston for your car repair needs. You’ll be able to tell that you can trust us right from the start, as we make customer service our top priority. We can’t promise the news will always be good, depending on what is wrong with your car, but we can promise to be upfront and honest with you at all times. We appreciate your time and consideration!