At Ottohaus, quality is everything. Ottohaus technicians are certified to meet the utmost needs of every customer. If you’re looking for German auto repair in North Charleston, quality starts with education– which is the foundation of our craftsmanship. The policy of “Quality over quantity” is stowed in our technician’s tool cart, and is wheeled around from the start to finish of every project. With every project comes the responsibility of providing our valued customers with the respect that they deserve. It would be a dishonor to serve our customers quickly and neglectfully. To combat this, we make sure that we pinpoint the issue with your vehicle to ensure that our quality policy is met in full.

Accountable German Auto Repair in North Charleston

Accountability is another area on which we pride ourselves as superior in German auto repair in North Charleston. When clients bring in their german-crafted vehicle into our shop, we have the responsibility of performing careful and precise work. The work starts with the detailed eye- looking into the most prominent issues that are both hidden and visible to the owner. Our technicians take the next steps in our accountability by eliminating every answer that doesn’t fit the diagnosis. Although other technicians will guess a solution to a problem and throw parts at the vehicle (which is robbing the poor customers), we strive on saving the customer as much money as possible. While doing this, our technicians are providing the highest value for German Automobiles in the North Charleston area. 

The Value of Real German Auto Repair

Speaking of value, the quality of work and the potential to save your wallet is another great motto for Ottohaus. Other German auto repair companies in the North Charleston area might drain your wallet, but we strive on battling the competition for what’s right for our loyal customers. German cars are engineered with elegance, but if they aren’t treated in such a manner, they will leave you paying the bill. As a premier German auto repair specialist in the North Charleston area, Ottohaus is elite when it comes to saving the customer’s time and money. There is no better value than that. 

Here at Ottohaus, we welcome customers of all German auto repairs. Let’s work together! Contact us to schedule an appointment.