At Ottohaus, brake inspections and repairs are among the most common types of Audi repair in Charleston we perform. Brakes must perform as they should to ensure the safety of you and your passengers.


We get asked many questions about the difference between the different braking system components, primarily between brake pads and brake rotors. We’re happy to explain the difference between the two.


Brake pads are attached to the calipers, which are clamps that close when you step on the brake pedal. The calipers/pads grab the brake rotors, which are the actual discs themselves.


Brake rotors are synched with the wheels. When the calipers grab onto the rotors, the car will slow down or come to a complete stop. The brake rotors work in tandem with the brake pads, which are both set in motion when you depress the brake pedal.


Replacing Brake Pads or Rotors

Like any component of an automobile, brake pads and rotors will become worn over time and will need to be replaced or repaired. When brake pads are low, you’ll want to replace them. However, with brake rotors, they may be able to be re-machined and remain usable. Ottohaus Audi repair in Charleston has expert technicians that can examine your pads and rotors and advise you on the best course of action for you to take.

Several factors affect the length of the life of your brake pads and rotors. They include:

  • The quality of the parts
  • The type of material used
  • Your driving habits – riding the brakes reduces brake life significantly


If you hear grinding, squeaking or squealing noises when you brake, it is important for your safety that you see a trained Ottohaus Audi repair in Charleston technician as soon as possible. Contact us today; we’ll be happy to help.