Preparing your car for fall is essential to ensure that you drive safely and comfortably throughout the entire season. Ottohaus VW repair in North Charleston has trained technicians that will assist you in having your vehicle in optimal running condition for fall.

Fall can be unpredictable in terms of weather changes. Storms, inclement weather, and sudden temperature changes can affect your vehicle’s performance. Wet weather can cause problems with gripping and braking. Shorter days mean decreased visibility, necessitating lights being on for extended periods.

As fall approaches, there are several steps you can take in terms of seasonal car maintenance to prevent unnecessary VW repair in North Charleston during the season. They include:

  • Check Your Fluids. It’s just as necessary during the fall as it is in the summer to keep an eye on coolant and oil levels. As temperatures drop, you’ll be using your car’s heater more frequently, necessitating the need for optimal coolant levels. Maintaining proper oil levels ensures that your engine is well lubricated and efficient. Wiper fluid is also essential as you’ll be using the wipers more frequently during the fall. Brake fluid levels should be checked as you’ll be encountering slippery roads. Have your fluid levels checked by an Ottohaus technician.
  • Check Your Lights. Shorter days are characteristic of fall. You’ll be driving in the dark more often. It’s important that you have all of your vehicle’s lights checked and ensure they’re all on. Headlight high and low beams should be checked, and headlight lenses should be clear for sharper focus.
  • Check Your Battery. Having the heat on during the fall puts extra strain on your car’s battery. Cold weather also means it may take longer to get started. Take your vehicle to Ottohaus VW repair in North Charleston and make sure your battery is fully charged and in excellent condition.

Contact us today and have a trained and courteous Ottohaus technician check your car and make sure it’s ready for fall.