VW Auto Repair Charleston | Extreme Timelines Are a Problem


VW Auto Repair Charleston | When you bring your vehicle into a shop for service, one of the first questions you are going to ask is how the long the work should take. This is important, of course, because you need to know how long you are going to be without your vehicle. Is it going to be just a day or a full week? This will obviously depend on a number of factors, such as the type of work being done, the schedule at the shop, the need to order parts, etc.

Is It Good to be Fast?

Generally speaking, car owners are happy to hear that a VW auto repair project is only going to take a short period of time. But is that always a good thing? Not necessarily. If the shop tells you that your VW auto repair is only going to take a day – but they are supposed to be doing some complex work, you should be a little worried. If they are rushing through the job in order to deliver the car quickly, the work might not actually be done correctly.

On the Other Side

At the same time, it is also concerning if a shop tells you that it is going to take an oddly long amount of time for your VW auto repair to be finished. Why the delay? Are they unsure of how to do the work, or do they not have a good parts supplier? Not only will you have to deal with the inconvenience of being without your car for a longer period of time, you’ll also need to worry about whether or not the shop can do the work in the first place.

Ultimately, a timeline which seems too short or too long can each be cause for concern. A good shop should be able to explain the timeline logically, laying out why the job will take a specific number of days. To deal with an auto shop you can trust right here in Charleston, give Ottohaus a call (843) 732-2793. We look forward to earning your trust!