If you suspect that your car has possible engine problems, it’s very important to take it to a Volkswagen repair shop as soon as possible. The longer an engine problem goes diagnosed, and un-repaired, the more extensive the damage will be and the repair costs associated with it.

These are signs that you may be experiencing engine trouble with your vehicle:


  • The Check Engine Light Illuminates

If the check engine light illuminates on your dashboard, you should get to your Volkswagen repair shop immediately to get the problem diagnosed. The light may indicate an issue with the ignition, fuel injection, or emission. An Ottohaus technician can hook up your vehicle with a diagnostic tool, which will tell them what the problem is, allowing them to repair it accurately and efficiently.


  • Jerking and Shaking

If you feel your car jerking or shaking upon start-up, there may be an engine malfunction. A simple change in spark plugs or a hose may be the cause. It’s best to have a trained technician diagnose and repair the problem.


  • Unusual Noises

Though a bit of noise from under the hood is normal, any grinding, thumping, hissing, knocking, or high-pitched squealing noises are not. Any of these sounds indicate that your car needs immediate attention and a visit to a Volkswagen repair shop.


  • Foul Odors

Smells of gas and diesel fuel on the outside of your vehicle are normal, but any smells of burnt rubber or metals, or rotten eggs are not. These odors may signal an overheated engine, transmission problems, catalytic converter issues, or a coolant leak.


  • Excessive Smoke

Any excessive smoke coming from either the engine or the tailpipe signals potential engine problems. It may be either a clogged air filter, blown head gasket, cracked cylinder head, or other issue. Taking your car immediately to an Ottohaus technician for the exact diagnosis is advised.


If you suspect possible engine trouble, don’t delay in taking your car to Ottohaus Volkswagen repair shop. Contact us at one of our two convenient Charleston locations and avoid further damage to your vehicle.