Volkswagen Repair Shop | Does Your Volkswagen Have Water Damage?

The condition of your Volkswagen can be greatly impacted by weather conditions. High levels of rainfall makes it crucial that you perform periodical checks on your automobile for indicators of water damage. A Volkswagen repair shop can perform a thorough check to ensure that this is not an issue.

While water or flood damage to your Volkswagen could cause performance issues later, there is also a possibility that it can cause illness. Water damage in the cabin of a vehicle can lead to the development of bacteria and the growth of mold in the floor board (carpet) and within the vents.

Here are a few ways you can self-check your Volkswagen for water or flood damage:

Visual: Take a close look at your vehicle’s interior. Inspect for any metal that may be exposed or rusting. Check the door area, pedals, beneath the dashboard and around the latches. See if there is noticeable beading in the lights of the vehicle or frail wires beneath the dash.

Touch: Check the seats and floor carpet for dampness. This can be done with a napkin or washcloth. Check the upholstery for any stains or loose material. This can be an indication of water damage and if noticed, you should visit a Volkswagen repair shop.

Odor: Have you noticed a musty smell or mildew-like smell in your car? This could be a sign of mold.

Water damage left unattended inside your vehicle could lead to more extensive damage leading to costly repairs. Mechanical damage to your engine could lead to seizure, failure of the transmission, overheating, and other issues. There could also be electrical and safety malfunctions. Computer boards and ABS may malfunction causing wires to short circuit and brakes or rotors to rust.

If you suspect or have noticed any of the above signs of water damage to your car, contact a Volkswagen repair shop immediately – Ottohaus of Charleston, TODAY!