Audi Service Tips to Prepare Your Student’s Car for Back to School


Audi Service | Time is passing quickly and before you know it, your student will be waking up to the first day of a new school year. You’ve purchased school supplies, taken care of school fees and everything else associated with back to school.


Don’t forget to get their car ready for the new school year also. Whether you have a teenager driving back and forth to school or a college student who will be traveling out of state, there are a few ways you can ensure that their vehicle is prepared. Here are a few Audi service tips to help prepare your student’s car for back to school.


  1. Have all fluids checked. Before school, take your student’s vehicle into an Audi service center for a full service. They will check all fluids and top off those that need it. This includes oil, brakes, transmission, coolant, windshield wipers and other essential fluids.
  2. Check the battery. If you’ve had the same battery in the car for a while, be sure to have it tested and charged if necessary. If your child is going to or leaving class or the library, a dead battery could cause them to be late or leave them stranded in the early morning or late night hours. Your Audi service technician can test the battery when you take the vehicle in for service or maintenance.
  3. Store an emergency preparedness kit. A properly maintained and serviced vehicle can still give you problems when least expected. It’s best to make sure your student is prepared by putting an emergency preparedness kit inside the car. It should consist of a simple tool kit, blanket, hazard cone or triangle, flashlight, jumper cables, cell phone replacement battery, and cash. You should also store the numbers to AAA and roadside assistance inside the kit in case the driver has a dead cell phone and can’t retrieve them.


These are only a few steps to take to help prepare your student’s car for school. Visit your Audi service professional for more detailed tips or suggestions. Ottohaus of Charleston services and repairs Audis. Our service experts are professional and undergo continuous training to offer the most advanced and courteous service to all our customers.  Contact us today to schedule a service or maintenance appointment.