It’s not a secret that cars can be quite complex, so don’t be alarmed if you’re not aware that your vehicle has two separate types of filters: cabin filters and air filters. When you’re at Ottohaus Audi repair in Charleston, a trained Audi technician can show you exactly where they’re located.


Cabin air filters are commonly located in the glovebox or beneath the dashboard. They trap particles of dust, moisture, soot, and even bugs. They need to be replaced regularly to avoid unhygienic air from coming into your vehicle and being inhaled by you and your passengers.

The most common symptom of a cabin air filter needing to be replaced is poor airflow from your car’s interior vents. An excessively contaminated filter isn’t able to filter incoming air as effectively as a clean filter does. This causes restricted airflow for the AC system.

Another symptom of a cabin air filter that is bad or failing is an unusual odor coming from the interior vents. This may produce a musty, dirty, or dusty smell. It may become more pronounced when the AC is turned on and can cause driver and passenger discomfort.


Engine air filters should also be checked and maintained when you need regular service or Audi repair in Charleston. This filter prevents dust, dirt, and debris from getting into your engine, which can result in serious damage to your engine.

It’s recommended that your filters be changed every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, and you should have them checked by a professional technician when you are having your oil changed. Changing them before pollen season is also recommended to reduce allergens being pushed into the car’s cabin.


Ottohaus Audi repair in Charleston will check your cabin and engine air filters and replace them as necessary. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.