VW Service in Charleston | Don’t Look Now – Here Comes Spring!

While it might seem like we just recently plunged into the winter months, suddenly spring is right around the corner. The flowers will start to bloom before you know it, which means there are a couple of tasks that you should consider completing with regard to your car. If you’ve been putting off some VW service while busy with the holidays, the next few weeks are a great time to get everything caught up. For reliable VW service at competitive prices, be sure to check out what we can offer at Ottohaus of Charleston.

Summer Madness

If you are like most people, the miles you put on your vehicle increase dramatically during the warm summer months. In addition to your normal daily driving to and from work and errands, you also tack on maybe a vacation or two, and plenty of days out of the house having fun with family and friends. All of that driving means you’ll be putting some stress on your vehicle, so plan ahead and provide it with the VW service necessary to deal with that workload. Basic maintenance can go a long way toward keeping your car healthy, and you can trust Ottohaus to do the work promptly and properly.

A Thorough Cleaning

The idea of spring cleaning is not a new one, but it applies just as much to your car as it does to your house. As winter fades away, take some time to properly clean your vehicle, both inside and out. You may find that the inside has gotten a bit cluttered during the winter, so emptying it out and vacuuming the carpets will provide a refreshed feel. Also, the exterior may be a bit dirty due to winter driving, so visiting a car wash is a nice idea. Between some simple cleaning you can do on your own and the VW service provided by Ottohaus of Charleston, your vehicle will be ready for a great year to come.