It’s easy to overlook, but getting the fluids checked for your VW in North Charleston can keep you safe and keep your car on the road.

When to Check Your Vehicle’s Fluids

While different components of your VW need to be checked throughout the year, like your brakes and tires, your fluid levels should be checked monthly. This ensures that they are clean and at a sufficient level. It’s no trouble for us at Ottohaus to perform this check for you and make sure your VW’s fluids are filled properly.

Which Fluids to Check

Some of the important fluids in your VW that need to be checked and maintained regularly include:

Brake fluid. Your brake fluid is necessary to move the different parts of your car’s braking system. Without brake fluid, your vehicle won’t be able to come to a stop when you push down the brake pedal. It’s critical to your safety that you have this checked regularly by a professional technician.

Engine Oil. Your engine relies on high quality engine oil to keep it running efficiently. The engine oil adds lubrication to your engine and reduces wear and friction. Neglecting to change your engine oil at regular intervals can shorten the life of your engine and lead to unnecessary repair costs.

Transmission Fluid. Similar to how engine oil lubricates the engine, transmission fluid lubricates the moving parts inside your transmission. It also serves as a coolant and a viscous fluid that allows for the transmission of power from the engine to the transmission. Checking this fluid regularly is also highly recommended.

Other fluids that are important to your Volkswagen are the power steering fluid, engine coolant, and windshield wiper fluid.


Ottohaus can check and maintain all of the fluids for your VW in North Charleston. Contact us today about bringing in your Volkswagen for a fluid check. You’ll feel better knowing you’re doing everything necessary to keep your VW in tip-top condition.