A spark plug is one of the most essential components in the engine. Because it’s combustion is responsible for the performance of the engine, it’s health has a direct impact on the performance of your vehicle. An Ottohaus technician trained in Volkswagen repair in North Charleston can advise you on the condition of your spark plugs.

Worn and failed spark plugs will adversely affect the performance of your vehicle in a number of ways. They include:

  • Drop in performance. In a multi-cylinder vehicle, if a spark plug fails it essentially renders that cylinder useless. This means that the power the engine generates is reduced by a substantial percentage. This reduction in performance is easily felt when you want to accelerate both from a standstill and in motion. This can be dangerous in an emergency when you need to make a quick maneuver.
  • Rough idling and inconsistent power. A worn spark plug can cause misfires. This is basically the engine missing a beat on one of its cylinders. This means its power delivery won’t be smooth and is likely to cause more vibrations. That can easily be felt during idling. Due to misfires, power delivery is likely to be inconsistent.
  • Bad fuel economy. Since the engine is far from its optimal condition, it will burn more gas to make the car move. You’ll notice a decrease in gas mileage and an increasing number of visits to the pump.
  • Component failure. A worn spark plug can have adverse effects on other components of your car as well. It can overburden your battery and can harm your exhaust system, namely your catalytic converter. Ottohaus Volkswagen repair in North Charleston can evaluate your battery and exhaust system.

Ottohaus Volkswagen repair in North Charleston will check your spark plugs and replace them as necessary. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.