Volkswagen Charleston SC | What’s That Sound?

Volkswagen Charleston SC | If you drive your car every day, or at least most days, you get to know the way the vehicle operates. Even if you aren’t much of a car expert, you still get comfortable with the way it feels when you drive, and the noises it makes. It is that second point that we want to focus on in this post. If something seems off with your vehicle and you need an Audi repair shop to determine the cause of the issue, stop by Ottohaus of Charleston right away.

A Roar Under the Hood

When your Audi is running well, the noise coming from under the hood will be a good one. You’ll hear the roar of your engine each time you step on the accelerator, and the performance of the car will match the sound the engine makes. However, if something has gone wrong, that sound might be affected. Don’t ignore a change in the sound that your vehicle makes while in operation, as there is a good chance that new sound means something needs to be corrected. Call an Audi repair shop like Ottohaus right away for assistance.

Brakes as Well

Odd sounds don’t have to be limited to the engine. As your brakes wear down, it’s possible they will start to make some strange noises. Specifically, you may hear a squeaking noise as you press down on the brake pedal to bring the vehicle to a stop. Again, the new sound is a sign that you need to seek out help. As an experienced Audi repair shop, Ottohaus is the perfect place to get the help you need.

Thank you for taking the time to check out our blog, and we look forward to caring for your Audi in the near future. Just remember, if any new sounds pop up as you are driving along the roads around Charleston, don’t ignore them – seek out help to determine the source of the issue. Contact Us Today!