Charleston’s VW Repair Shop | Three Lame Oil Change Excuses


Charleston’s VW Repair Shop | One of the first things you learn about owning a vehicle is that you are supposed to have the oil changed at regular intervals. By following along with the manufacturer’s recommendation for how frequently the oil should be changed, you will be doing the engine a big favor. Unfortunately, instead of actually having the oil changed regularly, many people would rather come up with excuses to avoid seeing their VW repair shop to have this task completed. Let’s take a look at three excuses which are often used for putting off an oil change.

#1 – It Takes Too Much Time

This is a common one, but it simply isn’t true. If you work with a quality VW repair shop, you should be able to have this work done in a timely manner. For an experienced mechanic, an oil change is an extremely basic task and one which should not take much time at all to complete.

#2 – It’s Too Expensive

Again here, we see a point that just doesn’t hold up to closer inspection. Sure, you’ll have to spend a bit of money to have your oil changed but think about the cost of the oil change in reference to the overall price of the vehicle. This is a relatively small maintenance point, but it can make a huge difference to the performance of your car as the miles add up.

#3 – It’s Not Important

Simply put, you don’t know much about automobiles if you don’t think that regular oil changes are important for the health of gasoline or diesel engines. Oil is what allows your engine parts to move and function like they should, but that oil is going to wear out over time. If you fail to replace it periodically, it won’t be able to work as it did when it was new. And, in the long run, that’s going to mean bad things for your engine.

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