Charleston’s Audi Repair Shop | Grow to Trust Your Audi Mechanic

Charleston’s Audi Repair Shop | It’s a great feeling to be able to visit your Audi mechanic and know you are being given a fair deal. Of course, that really won’t be the case on your first visit, as you’ll need to give the shop a chance to prove what they can do – and prove how they treat their customers. The key here is to build a quality relationship over time, so you have a go-to option whenever your Audi needs maintenance or repair. Over time, you’ll grow to trust the Audi mechanic you have been working with, and you won’t have to think twice when issues come up.

We Can Help

In the pursuit of a trustworthy Audi mechanic, we hope you will consider Ottohaus of Charleston. We have everything you are looking for in terms of an auto shop that will be able to serve your needs successfully. For starters, we work only on German-made vehicles, a specialty that allows us to learn each make and model thoroughly, so we can do the job right time after time. Also, we have plenty of experience at work in our shop, and we are committed to blending great work with fair prices. When you add it all up, trusting Ottohaus as your Audi mechanic is a no-brainer.

Give Us a Try

It’s easy for us to tell you how great we are – but that’s not exactly an objective opinion. To see for yourself what we have to offer, bring your vehicle to our shop the next time you need service or repair. You aren’t committed to anything long-term by visiting our shop for the first time – instead, you’ll get to test out our abilities while getting the work you need done on your Audi completed. If you are like most of our other customers, you’ll quickly decide that Ottohaus is the perfect Audi mechanic for all of your needs. We look forward to impressing you!


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