Audi Services | Thinking About Buying a New Car? Now Might Be the Time


Audi Services | With the right Audi service, you should be able to get many, many miles out of your vehicle. Audis, after all, are built to a high standard and should hold up nicely to the test of time. Eventually, however, you are going to want to purchase a new car. It might be that your current model is running out of lifespan, or you just may be in love with one of the newer models. If the idea of buying a new vehicle has been on your mind, fall is a great time to shop.

Here Come the New Versions

Each year, car manufacturers come out with new versions of most of the cars in their lineup. These are often just updates, where the car has had a few things tweaked for the model year, while everything else stays the same. Every few years, the car will be ‘all-new’, with a fresh design, new engine choices, etc. Typically, the new cars will be released a bit ahead of the year for which they are named. So, a car that is attached to the ‘2019 model year’ will likely be released in the final months of 2018.

An Opportunity

If you don’t care about buying the absolute newest model available, you can use this timing to your advantage. In order to make way for the new cars, many dealerships are ready to offer great deals on the previous model year. Remember, these are still brand-new cars, and they still have most of the same features as the ones that will soon be rolling in. It’s possible to save a significant amount of money while still driving away in an excellent vehicle, just by shopping at the right time of year.

Make no mistake – it’s a great idea to provide your current vehicle with quality Audi service until you decide to replace it with a new model. For all Audi service needs in the Charleston area, please consider Ottohaus. We have an experienced team and are committed to quality work above all else. Give us a call today to learn more 843-732-2793!