Volkswagen Oil Change

Volkswagen oil changes are very important.  Oil provides numerous benefits to your vehicle, such as maintaining fuel economy and maximizing engine power.  It provides necessary lubrication to reduce friction, lessen wear, and creates a seal between engine parts.  Over time the oil in your vehicle breaks down and thickens, which leads to varnish build up in the engine.  Smooth oil means a smoothly operating vehicle.  Regular scheduled maintenance extends the life of your Volkswagen, improving overall functionality and performance.

Right fluids at the right time

Timing is also key when it comes to the life of your oil.   A common question we hear, “When should I change the oil in my Volkswagen?”  Whether you are driving your Volkswagen 12,000 miles or 1,000 a year, regular maintenance will keep your car running at its best.  Each Volkswagen is unique.  Scheduled maintenance varies with Volkswagen models, due to the engine type or age of the car.   Check your owner’s manual or contact the certified Volkswagen technicians at Ottohaus of Charleston.  Leo and his team are Volkswagen experts with years of experience repairing and caring for Volkswagen vehicles.

Why Ottohaus for your Volkswagen Oil Change?

Often times, quick oil change or lube facilities provide limited expertise when it comes to Volkswagen maintenance and repair.  A quick oil change may save you some time, but it won’t provide any benefit to your car’s performance.   And heading to the Volkswagen dealership might leave you with a large bill of unnecessary repairs or services.  Ottohaus of Charleston does more than change your oil.   We provide a thorough inspection of your Volkswagen (based on model and age), looking for any signs of leakage or critical wear or tear.  In addition, a trained Volkswagen technician will inspect the condition of your brakes, suspension, tires, air filters, and fluids.   If you want a trustworthy mechanic that values providing quality service the first time, choose Ottohaus of Charleston for your Volkswagen oil change service.

“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” – Henry Ford

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