Charleston’s VW Service | Is Your VW a School Shuttle? Here Are Some Tips


Charleston’s VW Service | For many people, one of the main purposes of their VW vehicle is to shuttle kids to and from school each day. Well, school is probably only part of it, as those same kids may play on sports teams, be in the band, or engage in some other activity. Whatever the case, parents tend to always be on the go. If that sounds like your life, you need to have a plan to keep your vehicle at its best all through the school year. Consistent VW service is a good first step, but there are some other things you can do.

A Schedule of Care

Let’s be honest – kids can be tough on vehicles. Okay, so kids can be tough on just about anything. If you fail to pay attention to the inside of your vehicle for a few weeks, you might wind up with a big mess on your hands. Try to get into the habit of cleaning your vehicle’s interior weekly, even if that only means picking up the trash and quickly vacuuming. Making a point of adding this to your calendar will go a long way toward improving the condition of your VW over the long run.

Find a Car Wash

If you are a busy parent, pulling the car out in front of your house to wash it down might not be something that you have time to do. So, find a local car wash you like and stop by from time to time to keep the exterior clean. Regular car washes, along with interior cleaning and VW service at a quality shop, should set you on a long-term path toward vehicle ownership success.

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