Charleston VW |  Looking for a Mechanic – Ask This Question First

Charleston VW | So, you own a Volkswagen vehicle, and you need a reliable auto shop to trust with all of your VW service needs. How do you find the right business to work with? There are plenty of options in and around Charleston to pick from, of course, so you will have to have some way of distinguishing one from the next. In this article, we would like to suggest that you can start to narrow down your choices by asking one simple question.

Call Around

As you call around to inquire about the VW service offered at different shops, try leading with this question –

‘What kinds of vehicles do you work on in your shop?’

That’s it. It’s a simple question, but it says a lot about the shop and the way they approach their business. So, what kind of answer are you looking for? First off, you really don’t want to hear that they will work on anything you happen to drive into their garage. That might sound like great customer service – we’ll work on anything! – but it really speaks to the fact that the shop doesn’t have a specialty.

Find a Focused Shop

At Ottohaus of Charleston, you aren’t going to hear us say that we will work on anything you bring us. That’s not how we do business, as we are focused on German-made automobiles here in our garage. If you need VW service, we have you covered. We can be confident in offering our customers great service because we are well-versed in how to care for these vehicles. We believe it’s better to specialize in something and know it inside-out than it is to try serving everyone and everything.

This one question alone is probably not the only thing you want to ask before committing to work with a given shop, but it’s a great start. Feel free to contact our team right away to learn more about our service or to make an appointment. Thanks for your time!