Audi Mechanic Charleston | Car Care for Outside Parkers


Audi Mechanic Charleston | Pretty much everyone agrees that keeping a vehicle in a garage when it is not in use is the ideal situation. When parked in a garage, your car is protected from the elements, leaving it in better condition as the years roll by.

But what if you don’t have a garage available? Are you destined to see your Audi fall quickly into a state of disrepair? Of course not. Let’s take a look at some tips you can use to keep your car in top condition, even if it is parked outside most of the time.

Regular Washes

One of the first things to remember is that you should wash your vehicle frequently when you park outside. It is going to pick up things like tree sap along the way, so heading through a car wash – or hand washing it yourself – is a good idea. Pay close attention to the body and visit a car wash anytime you notice it getting dirty.

Careful with What You Leave Inside

Don’t leave items inside your vehicle that are likely to melt during a hot Charleston summer afternoon. For instance, a piece of chocolate sitting on a wrapper on the passenger’s seat is sure to melt and turn into a nasty mess. Be smart and take things out of your vehicle when parked that could turn into a problem while you are away.

Work with a Great Audi Mechanic in Charleston

Okay – so this one applies to car owners who park inside of a garage just as much as it applies to those who park outside. By having an excellent Audi mechanic on your side, you can get out in front of problems as they are developing – rather than waiting until it is too late.

For those in the Charleston area, finding a trustworthy Audi mechanic is an easy task. Just call Ottohaus of Charleston and book an appointment. We will be happy to serve you! Call (843) 732-2793!